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Which industries are microwave drying equipment mainly used for

2021-01-15 15:52:11

Microwave drying is an important application of microwave technology in processed food. It mainly uses the heating effect of microwave to increase the temperature of the system, thereby causing moisture vapor to achieve drying. Microwave drying is divided into two categories: microwave atmospheric drying and microwave vacuum drying.

The core of the microwave drying equipment is the microwave generator. At present, the microwave drying frequency is mainly 2450MHz. It is mostly used for drying in the chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, wood, building materials, paper products and other industries. It can also be used for the sterilization of food and agricultural products. In the traditional drying process, in order to increase the drying speed, it is necessary to increase the external temperature and increase the temperature gradient, but the phenomenon of endogenous external coke is prone to occur. However, when microwave heating is used, regardless of the shape of the material, the heat can penetrate uniformly, and can produce a puffing effect, which is beneficial to crushing.

Under microwave radiation, the dry matter is uniform and heated at a uniform rate. Moreover, the microwave drying does not affect the color of the material and will be dried, smell, taste and tissue structure, and the active ingredient is not easy to decompose and destroy. Relevant research institutions use traditional drying methods to replace traditional microwave drying drying chambers to solve problems, such as uneven drying, which is likely to produce dry medicine.

Which industries are microwave drying equipment mainly used for

1. Used to process high value-added agricultural products, such as dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated meat products, dehydrated seafood, etc. These semi-finished products or products produced by microwave drying equipment have light weight, good rehydration performance, and fresh color and state after rehydration, easy to carry and store And transportation, store at room temperature for 3 years. These processed dehydrated products. , As an advanced ingredient. It can be used as an ingredient in instant foods such as instant noodles and instant rice noodles.

2. Used in the production of condiments: If ginger and garlic are processed at high temperature, the spice of the two materials is easily damaged, which will reduce its content. If you use microwave drying equipment to process garlic and ginger, you can better retain the nutrients and flavors of the raw materials, and you can produce high-quality ground ginger, garlic powder, etc.



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