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Why use tea drying equipment

2021-01-15 15:52:50

Tea curing and drying equipment mainly destroys and inactivates the oxidase activity in the fresh leaves through high temperature, inhibits the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols in the fresh leaves, evaporates part of the water in the fresh leaves, makes the tea soft, and is convenient for rolling and forming ,At the same time, it emits a green smell and promotes the formation of a good aroma. Tea is rich in polyphenol oxidase. If it is not killed, polyphenols will undergo oxidative fermentation under the action of enzymes, so that the tea will quickly lose its color and then spoil.

Why use tea drying equipment

The external structure of the microwave curing machine is similar to that of conventional microwave drying equipment; the main reason is that a material water vapor device is set in the microwave cavity. The water molecules evaporated under the action of microwave can be retained in a certain range to form a killing environment. The microwave can quickly heat up to the enzyme passivation temperature (60℃-80℃), and high quality can be achieved after 3-5 minutes of microwave irradiation Finish processing.

Deactivation is a process of processing tea, honeysuckle and fresh flowers. The purpose of deactivation is to use high temperature to destroy the activity of polyphenol oxidase, suppress its oxidative red change, and fix the emerald green quality of fresh leaves. At the same time, it will evaporate low-boiling aromatic substances and reveal the fragrance. The microwave curing speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, the thermal efficiency is high, the curing time is short, and the curing quality is high. It only needs electricity to run without any pollution to the environment. As a new energy transmission method, microwave has been used in many provinces and cities in my country for tea and honeysuckle drying, improving the quality of tea and achieving significant economic benefits.



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