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What maintenance should be performed on microwave equipment?

2021-02-01 17:11:37

The daily maintenance of microwave equipment is very important, which can make the equipment service life longer and indirectly save the company money. So what maintenance do we need to perform when we use industrial microwave equipment daily?

1. Check the microwave transmission system regularly. The microwave transmission system is a method of transmitting microwaves from the generator to the furnace body. The outlet of the microwave feeder is covered with a plastic plate. After heating for a long time, the plastic plate will be deformed, which will affect the sealing between the furnace body and the plastic plate. Part of the water vapor is the microwave transmission system, and the feeder enters the transmission system to condense. Water adheres to the inner surface of the excitation cavity, the three-needle distributor, the high-power circulator and the waveguide.

What maintenance should be performed on microwave equipment?

2. Regularly check the cooling system. The heat generated during the operation of the microwave module and the microwave reflected by the high-power circulator are absorbed by the refrigeration system. Regularly check the water pressure and flush the scale of the cooling water pipe to ensure the effectiveness of the protection device and prevent the cooling water from decompression and cooling water stability. The cooling system uses rubber tubing to connect equipment that needs self-cooling.

3. Regularly check the shielding performance of the equipment. The inlet and outlet of the microwave drying sterilizer are equipped with a controller, and the observation window of the furnace door is equipped with a copper mesh, and protective measures are taken to eliminate microwave leakage. However, microwaves are invisible electromagnetic waves. People cannot perceive the existence of microwaves by feeling. Only by checking the machine can they know the strength and source of the microwaves.

4. According to the degree of environmental hygiene in the production and use of the site, reasonably arrange the dust cleaning of the equipment, cabinets, conveyor belts and other parts, especially the air-cooled equipment, which requires special attention. Because if the magnetrons and transformers of microwave appliances are attached with very thick dust, the heat dissipation effect will be poor, and the working time will be prone to burn out;



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