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Microwave thawing equipment

Microwave thawing equipment

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Features of microwave thawing equipment:

1. Fast defrosting speed

The microwave can go deep into the material and heat it directly, without heat conduction process. Therefore, the frozen meat is passed through the continuous tunnel microwave thawing system to improve production efficiency and greatly save thawing time. Change from timing in "days" to timing in "minutes". For frozen meat with a weight of 25Kg and an external dimension of 600mmx400mmx150mm, it will be heated to -4°C to -2°C in 2 to 4 minutes through the microwave thawing equipment at about -18°C. The processing capacity is related to the quality of the meat, which is related to the dielectric constant of the meat quality. The fatter the meat, the larger the processing capacity, and the processing capacity of lean meat is relatively smaller than that of fatty meat.

Microwave thawing equipment

2. Simplify the thawing process

Microwave thawing eliminates the natural thawing thawing room and shelf, avoiding the waste of water for thawing. The environment is clean and hygienic, and the product quality is easy to control.

3. Defrost evenly

Microwave thawing can cause the surface and the inside of the material to be subjected to the electromagnetic field at the same time to generate heat. Therefore, the thawing uniformity is good, and the phenomenon of external heat and internal cooling will not occur.



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