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Tea finishing and drying equipment

Tea finishing and drying equipment

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Features of microwave tea drying equipment:

1. Heating speed: the microwave directly heats the inside and outside of the tea at the same time, without preheating, it can be processed after turning on the machine. In traditional production, a preheating process is required.

2. Uniform heating: Microwave drying uses electromagnetic waves generated by a magnetron to evenly irradiate the tea leaves, heating both inside and outside at the same time, while traditional tea drying is conducted through a heating roller to the tea leaves and the heat is uneven. Produce outside ripeness and inside growth, outside dry and inside wet. It has a burnt smell, burnt leaves, and debris, which affects the quality of tea buds.

Tea finishing and drying equipment

3. Less nutrient loss of tea: it stays in the microwave heating box for a short time, and does not require air and steam to conduct heat, so it can retain the nutrient content of the tea buds, and durable for the traditional drying time in the roll to the dryer. Longer, so more nutrients in the tea buds are lost.

4. The effect of sterilization and alcoholization is great: in the process of picking and making tea, there is often the possibility of secondary pollution. Microwave drying has the function of sterilization and alcoholization, but traditional process equipment does not have this function. Microwave is especially effective for summer , Autumn tea, in addition to bitterness and astringency.



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