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Bean paste microwave sterilization equipment

Bean paste microwave sterilization equipment

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  • Release date:2021-02-20 08:46:27
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Microwave bagged chili sauce, bean paste, sweet noodle sauce, hot pot dipping material is sterilized, and the bagged sauce sterilization equipment is made of stainless steel, with low sterilization temperature and high speed, which can be set according to process requirements.

Microwave bean paste, sweet noodle paste low-temperature sterilization equipment, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance. It solves the randomness caused by the low degree of automation in the sterilization process, strengthens the consistency, and the success rate of sterilization.

Bean paste microwave sterilization equipment

Sterilization equipment for chili sauce and bean paste, bagged sauce sterilization equipment, suitable for the sterilization of soft-packaged vegetable products, secondary sterilization of low-temperature meat products after bottled packaging, and also suitable for the sterilization of bottled Laoganma meat products , Beverage sterilization and vegetable blanching, etc.

Microwave food sterilization equipment is a microwave product designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of users by absorbing domestic and foreign new microwave technology. It adopts continuous wave magnetron, temperature control system, moisture exhaust system, control system, etc. All adopt our company's mature technology, which has the characteristics of low temperature, high speed, and good system performance. The microwave equipment works independently as a system to improve the safety of the entire microwave system and adapt it to the continuous production requirements of the enterprise.



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