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Pigskin microwave puffing equipment

Pigskin microwave puffing equipment

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  • Release date:2021-02-20 08:42:38
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The microwave pigskin puffing machine is mainly used for puffing pigskins, and can also be used for drying and curing other meat products. The product has good hair expansion, uniform pore shape, yellow and white color, and preserves the original nutrients, fast rehydration, and fragrant taste. Crisp, is a microwave heating puffing equipment.

Pigskin microwave puffing equipment

The microwave heating equipment uses microwave to heat the material, which overcomes the oily problem of the product caused by frying and puffing. It is not fried, labor-saving, and no oily smoke. The strong penetrability of microwave makes the heating time of the material short and the efficiency of food processing; the selective heating of the microwave makes the material heated evenly, and maintains the nutrient content, color and fragrance of the material. The pigskin microwave puffing machine is mainly made of stainless steel plate with heat insulation performance. The equipment adopts PLC system, manual setting, and the system is fully automatic. At the same time, it is equipped with infrared thermometer, hot and cold air system, etc., real-time monitoring and flexible control.



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