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Peanuts microwave roasting and curing equipment

Peanuts microwave roasting and curing equipment

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Peanuts microwave roasting and ripening equipment is used for roasting sesame, wheat, melon seeds, peanuts, corn, soybeans, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios, cashews and other dried fruits. Compared with traditional production methods, microwave-baked foods are crispy and delicious, puffed and plump, natural in color, beautiful in appearance, and have insecticidal effects.

Peanuts microwave roasting and curing equipment

High energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed. The microwave oven itself does not conduct heat, but microwave energy penetrates the material, causing the polar molecules in the material to rub against each other to generate internal heat. The liquid inside the processed material is heated to vaporize, pressurized and expanded; and rely on the expansion force of the gas to deform the structure of the polymer material in the component, and become a microporous material with the characteristics of network structure and shape.

At the same time as microwave equipment baking, it is accompanied by sterilization effect. Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual effects of the thermal and non-thermal effects of microwaves. Compared with conventional temperature sterilization, satisfactory sterilization can be obtained at a lower temperature and within a short time. The general sterilization temperature is around 80℃, the processing time is 3~5 minutes, and its nutrients can be maintained.



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