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Composite cardboard microwave drying equipment

Composite cardboard microwave drying equipment

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  • Release date:2021-02-19 14:09:32
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Composite cardboard microwave drying equipment can be used to dry and sterilize gray cardboard, industrial paper bags, kraft paper bags, paper yarn composite kraft paper bags, paper-plastic composite kraft paper bags, and square mouth valve bottom kraft paper bags. This product is suitable for cartons and gray cardboard , White cardboard, industrial cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, cardboard and other packaging paper products.


1. The glue is firm, water resistance and pressure resistance are improved;

2. The drying speed is fast and the efficiency is high; the cardboard is evenly dried, smooth, and has small deformation;

3. The microwave drying process has a strong sterilization function, which improves the anti-fungal ability of the cardboard and extends the shelf life;

Composite cardboard microwave drying equipment

4. High thermal efficiency. Because the heat comes directly from the inside of the dried material, the heat loss in the surrounding medium is small, and the microwave heating cavity itself does not absorb heat or absorb microwaves, and all emits and acts on the material, which has high thermal efficiency;

5. The microwave energy penetrates the heated material instantly, and it needs to be heated for several seconds to several minutes without preheating. Stop heating is also instantaneous, no residual heat;

6. Convenient operation, labor saving, small floor space; safe and sanitary, environmental protection, no noise and no pollution.



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