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Cardboard microwave drying equipment

Cardboard microwave drying equipment

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Introduction of cardboard microwave drying equipment:

Microwave drying of wood takes advantage of uniform microwave heating, short drying cycle, and continuous automatic production. In the processing of paper products and wood pulp products, the craftsmanship is important. According to the variety and moisture content of the material, the evaporation rate of the surface water on the material is balanced with the internal diffusion rate. The heating temperature should not be too high to avoid carbonization of the center material. Some manufacturers worry that the cardboard will be deformed or lifted up during drying. According to this situation, we have added a pressure shaft to the microwave drying equipment to prevent the cardboard from deforming.

Cardboard microwave drying equipment

Microwave has a strong penetrating power for cardboard, egg trays and paper tubes. It is practically shown that the application of microwave drying in cardboard production is faster than conventional processes, not only faster, lower energy consumption, but also improves product quality. Our company produces microwave drying equipment, microwave board and cardboard drying equipment, which are suitable for fast drying of thick boards, wood chips, gray cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper products, paper tubes, egg trays, paper trays, honeycomb cardboard, paper bowls, cardboard boxes, etc. .



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